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Our knowledgeable, friendly and motivated staff are what makes GTS Adventure so special. Here you can get to know them a little better.

Simon Taylor


I have been involved in the outdoor industry for 15 years, enjoying the freedom of the great outdoors.

Starting as a volenteer with the scouts at their water activity centre, This very quickly turned into a way of life,

enjoying seeing others benifit from experiances both on land and water.


Andrew 'Taz' Taylor


I have been kayaking since the age of 10, and enjoy the challanges that water can give. Starting kayaking for fun this turned into a full time job . Helping give people the confidence to enjoy the thrills that the outdoors can give. I enjoy a busmans holiday kayaking in the Alps. snow boarding, Andora, Finland last time in Austria.(where next year ?)  In general being outside.



Ebony Boulton


I have recently joined the team to head up sales and marketing, but also coordonating all the bookings and times for the activities, I also enjoy getting out onto the ranges participating and interacting with all our customers.



we adopted Ginge a couple of years ago, or was it that she adopted us? She likes to get out n the range and checks the surronding area.

loves Dreamies, Dislikes Dogs.


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Tel:         0800 8101079


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